It's Racing Time!

Our annual Pinewood Derby is coming up quick! January 12th 2020 from 2:00pm-5:00pm located at Western Carteret Fire & EMS. Car weigh-in and inspections will begin promptly at 2:00pm. Cars MUST be weighed and inspected before racing begins at 2:00pm, please plan accordingly. There will be limited seating, please bring a chair for yourself and your attendees. Scouts need to be dressed in full uniform along with appropriate layers for that day's weather forecast, this event is outdoors (January tends to be cold!). To show our appreciation to all of our amazing boys this year, Pack 446 provided each Scout with their Pinewood Derby car. If your scout did not yet receive their derby car, please contact your Den leader. Derby Rules and Regulations are listed below!

Race Format:

This is a timed race. Placing is determined by speed of three heats on alternating lanes. In the event of a mishap, cars will be re-raced. There will be trophies awarded to the top 3 overall speed racers in the Pack. Trophies will also be awarded to each Den for top three originality, craftsmanship, and speed. 

Originality and Craftsmanship Judging:

All cars in each Den will be judged on craftsmanship and originality, however, a scout cannot win in more than one category. For example, if a car wins a Speed Trophy it cannot also win a trophy for Craftsmanship or Originality. 

Racing Specifications:

1.)   width - overall derby car shall not exceed 2 3/4" in width.

2.)   length - overall length shall not exceed 7".

3.)   weight - overall derby car weight shall not exceed 5 ounces. No loose material of any kind is permitted on the car. The car may be hollowed out and built up to the maximum weight and size, providing it is securely built into the body. If an item drops off of a car during the event, except for the wheels, the item lost will not be replaced. DO NO INSTALL WEIGHTS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE DERBY CAR!! This can cause the car to drag on the track when racing. 

4.)   wheel bearings - washers and bushings are prohibited.

5.)   springing - derby cars shall not ride on any type of springs.

6.)   attachments - derby cars must be free wheeling with no starting devices. 

7.)   materials - material from the "Official Grand Prix Derby Kit" (wood block, four wheels, and four nails) must be used. You may add items as long as rules #1-6 are observed. 1 piece axles will NOT be allowed. 

8.)   wheel base - wheel base is determined by the groves designed by the manufacturer of the kit. The wheel base will not be reduced or extended. The grooves are NOT allowed to be moved or relocated. You must use the grooves given. 

9.)   wheels - wheels may be sanded to remove seams but not to change or alter the surface area. Do NOT sand the wheels too thin or they may crack. Only the wheels supplied may be used. 

10.)  car - car must be built from the "Grand Prix Derby Kit" this year (2017). No rework of previous year's cars will be allowed. 

11.)  work - work on the car should be primarily that of the Scout, with guidance and help of an adult when required. 

12.)  contestant - the Cub Scout who built the car must be present in order for the car to race. 

13.)  Judges - all decisions of the judges will be final. 

14.)  Lubricants - only dry lubricants (teflon, powdered silicon, baby powder, graphite) may be used as lubricant. The Pack should provide lubricant for their boys. The contestants may lubricate wheels only before their car goes through inspection. Once the derby car passes inspection nothing else may be done to the car, including lubricants. Violation of this rule may result in disqualification of the contestant.